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asker does anyone know why wendy and charlamagne aren't friends anymore?

don’t know. he says there’s no beef, that they just haven’t spoken in 4+ years (since she ended the radio gig and went into tv)….but i don’t buy it. 

i miss wendy and charlamagne. it was a pairing that really worked for some reason.

idk, I have mixed feelings about charlamagne and his current career as a media personality whatever….like one day he’ll say something so stupid, other days he’ll play it safe for mainstream media, and other days he’ll just be so spot on in whatever statement he’s making. 

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asker k watched the movie. the comment helped Elle make a breakthrough connection in the case she was working on!

good for you.

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Lil Bitch official video by Katie Got Bandz.



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WELL HE’S GAY, STOOPID. (:26 second mark)

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asker ok it might b a context thing bc i have nevr seen the flick, please dont drag me


please watch the movie (it’s a classic!)

without going into the whole plot of the movie, Elle (Reese Witherspoon) figures out that Brooke’s pool boy is Gay after READING HA (for her last season Prada’s). The pool boy is in cahoots with Chutney who is trying to set her step-mother Brooke for murder. This gives Elle more evidence that this is all a set-up on Brooke.

asker im stupid plz explain that legally blonde joke? i've never gotten it

oh my fucking god…………………….

…im not going to answer this, because the answer is so obvious.

please re-watch watch Legally Blonde, for me. ok?

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asker do you see yourself turning into one of those snobby gym rat manhattan gays that works out at equinox?

pffft, like could afford an equinox membership. 

and if i did, i would be way too distracted by all the cruising going on. i lived near the columbus circle equinox and like half of the grindr statuses mentioned something about equinox (or “work out buddy”….)

…but i probably will do some sort of exercise in the very near future (im in the middle of stress eating season).